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The Best Mt. Fuji Experience Ever!


You can view Mt. Fuji from different aspects; the reflected image on the lakes, up on the 5th stage of the mountain, and even from above the sky!
In case of bad weather, staying at least one night is recommended.

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    5 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    新富士駅、または河口湖駅 Shin-Fuji Station or Kawaguchiko Station
  • List Belongings
    A long-sleeved jacket and trekking shoes


The accommodation will be a resort hotel near Mt. Fuji, but on busy seasons it could be changed to a motel or B&B nearby. 宿泊は富士山に近いリゾートホテルを使用する予定ですが、ゴールデンウイークや夏休みなどの繁忙期は、近隣のビジネスホテルやAirbnbなどを利用する場合があります。


The paraglider ride is optional and not included in the tour price. It costs 10,000-15,000JPY/person. パラグライダー/モーターパラグライダー体験はオプションで、1万円〜1万5千円の別料金となります。

Description About the Price

Transportation from the station, entrance fees, one night stay at a resort hotel. Meals not included.

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Marty K. Suzuki



  1. 富士五湖からの富士山インスタ映えフォト撮影 The best photo points of Mt. Fuji around Five Lakes
  2. 富士山五合目からのプチ登山体験 A short-term climbing experience from the 5th stage of Mt. Fuji
  3. 久保田一竹(着物)美術館を見学 Visiting a Kimono museum and stroll around a beautiful Japanese garden
  4. パラグライダーで空から富士山見物 Viewing Mt. Fuji from a paraglider
  5. 英語を話す大学生ガイド、小中学生との交流 Socializing with English-speaking Japanese student guides
Price 30000 JPY/person
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