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Sento(public bath)


I realized Kyoto has ton of place to visit which is so beautiful but seems like these place are too popular for tourists. If you are sick of crowd of tourists, and if you wanna feel more local, I have recommend for you, It is Sento which means Public bath in Japanese. It is very unique and local place, but it is not tourists friendly place maybe, because there is no english and all locals. so I can bring you public bath together, I started it because I like to talk when taking bath and like to hear someone's story. and also many of my friends does not like public bath so I need someone to accompany with sometime lol. only men is available because bath is separated women and men but at least I can tell you how to take bath even if you are women. Please bring towel and fresh cloth if you wanna change.

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    1 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    kyoto station, Toji station
  • List Belongings
    Towel, fresh cloth( if you want)



Description About the Price

entrance fee, shampoo, soap, teach you how to take bath, one drink after bath

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  1. Take a bath
  2. Drink fruits milk after take bath
  3. has sauna also
  4. you will feel good espeacily when its cold
  5. Do not recommend if you have resistant to be naked in front of strangers.
Price 1000 JPY/person
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