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・Begin your tour in front of Takashimaya Namba. Let me introduce myself and make a tour briefing.

・Walk through Ebisubashi shopping arcade (about 400m with 100shops), and feel the energy of osaka city. Let us step into shops you're interested in!

・Photo shooting at the most famous tourist spot Dotonbori! There's variety of food shops and souvenir stores, let's enjoy "eat&walk" in this district.

・Visit Hozenji temple, a serene 380yrs old temple in a quiet and hidden alley. You'll feel mysterious atmosphere there and find the serenity away from lively commercial area.

・Move to the hidden Doguyasuji shopping arcade, where local merchant purchase kitchen tools. If you want to buy a kitchen knife, they can put your name on it for free of charge!

・Have fun making paper lantern/fan with your original calligraphy on it. Of course you can take it home as your only-one souvenir!

・Enjoy "eat&walk" at Kuromon market, a glorious food marketplace with 170 wholesale and retail shops. The tour ends while you're enjoying eating.

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    5 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    Let's meet up in front of "Tourist information @namba"
  • List Belongings
    calligraphy experience ticket about 3000yen (depends on what you make), fully charged camera or phone, wear comfy shoes, plenty of energy, and budget to "eat&walk"


You can make a paper lantern/fan with your handwritten calligraphy on it! Of course you can bring it home as your original souvenir. Please feel free to write to me if any :)))


Please send me a tour request at least 2days in advance ; need to book a place for calligraphy. Time is flexible, you can decide the starting time at your convenience.

Description About the Price

Calligraphy experience charge is not included in this tour : it's around 3000jpy and takes 60-90min. You can make paper lantern, fan, etc., with your handwritten calligraphy!

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  1. EBISUBASHI/DOTONBORI - enjoy "eat&walk" in an energetic tourist area
  2. HOZENJI - hidden and serene temple in the center of city
  3. CALLIGRAPHY - make your original item with your handwritten calligraphy
  4. DOGUYASUJI - treasure hunting at a traditional kitchenware market
  5. KUROMON MARKET - enjoy fresh food at a local market
Price 4000 JPY/person
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