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Exploration the poorest district


I was born and raised in a deep city in Osaka, and I've been a TV director for many years.
It delivers a variety of interesting content.
I also has experience appearing on TV as an Osaka authority. I have been in the overseas section of the TV station for several years, so I can speak everyday English. It can't be guided by a normal guide, it's deep.
We're good at the course.

From Shin-Imamiya Station, you will be guided to Shinsekai by foot.
And that's where I'm talking about Japan's ghetto.
we will be walking around looking at the cheapest hotel in Japan. contact local workers if you have needs .
in front of the police station where the riot broke out 35 years ago.
I will explain the history of the city.
I'm going to show you around. Lastly, I'm going to show you Kraft Beer in Nishinari Ward.
Visit breweries and you can drink beer named
RIOT ALE We're going to take you seriously to a place where only local people can guide you.
Experience the site ofGentrification

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It is a tour to learn about Japanese culture and history. You can't tell people who live in the city from being discriminated against or disillusioned. Women should avoid skin-exposed and provocative clothes. Photographing without permission is prohibited.

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  1. contact with local day laborers
  2. Experience the mysterious food called hormones that workers eat every day.
  3. you can see the cheapest hotel in Japan
  4. Information on the cheapest areas in Japan to know
  5. Visit Kraft Beer Factory in the Deepest City in Japan
Price 3500 JPY/person
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