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Craft Sake and Food / Bar Crawl Tour


I'll take you to three Kadouchi which means to drink and eat in the "liquor store" where they wholesaling or retailing and they made a eat/drink in places that it's becoming quite hip for Osaka people who loves the reasonable price.

First Kadouchi is very classic style.
(Standing / Draft beer recommended)
You'll be able to have traditional Osaka soul food Kushikatsu, Oden, seasonal Sashimi and whatnot. This place is very popular and surrounded by full of local where you can enjoy what's the local standard.

Second Kadouchi is modern style.
(Have a seat / Craft Sake or craft beer recommended)
This place where you'll be able to have quality food like a brothy food, famous for Tempra as well and sophisticated Sake from their selections which you've never had before. You'll see what's the real Japanese favorite! Trust me it's just awesome.

Third Kadouchi is modern retailing style. (Standing / Craft Sake recommended + Souvenir)
Here, you will enjoy to try tasting a variety of Sake like a wine. They have more than 120 kinds of Sake in the store. Of course you can have some nibbles & "chopstick food" as well. I guess at this point you would be known enough to buy what is the favorite kind of Sake as your souvenir.

*You don't have to buy souvenir if you don't need. Feel free to just enjoy drinking!

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    6 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    JR Tenma station
  • List Belongings
    Cash for food/drinks and transportation. Comfortable shoes preferable.



In Japanese law, you must be over 20 years old to drink alcohol.

Description About the Price

Foods and drinks are NOT included in the tour fee.

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  1. Beer and traditional and seasonal food as a classic style
  2. Next level food and sake as a modern style
  3. Deeply try to know what kind of Sake you like
  4. * if we still have a time get some more snacks like a Takoyaki.
Price 2500 JPY/person
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