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Psychic Advice


Want to need some advice on something?
Let me take you to one of the best and most popular psychic in Japan. Just sit there and ask her anything that bothering you. She may have a good tips for it.
You need to be booked well in advanced since the psychic is very popular and hard to get an appointment.
I can be your translater.

Please read the disclaimer below before you make a reservation with the guide.

  • Area 体験エリア
  • Time 所要時間
  • Capacity 定員
    3 人
  • Meeting 集合場所
    Hankyou Nakatsu
  • List 持ち物


No pictures and recordings are allowed on the site. Pls keep good manners.


You need to be booked well in advanced. One or two months before. appointment. I can be your translater. Disclaimer – For Entertainment Purposes Only You are solely responsible for verifying an Advisor’s identity, qualifications, credentials, biographics information, licenses held, and other information. The guide is not responsible for any such verification. The guest acknowledges and agrees that Advisors are neither employees nor agents nor representatives of the guide, and the guide assumes no responsibility for any act or omission of any such Advisor. Advisors are not employees or agents of the guide or any of its affiliates. The Advisor is independent contractor of the guide, and becaus the adviser is an independent contractor, the guide does not control the quality, relevancy, or accuracy of any advice provided by an Advisor and does not determine whether any Advisor is qualified to provide any specific advice, whether an Advisor is categorized correctly or in the most appropriate category to provide the advice sought by a guest, or whether any postings on or transmissions through the Advisor Platform by a Guest or an Advisor are accurate, correct, relevant, or appropriate. ANY OPINION, RESPONSE, ADVICE, SUGGESTION, PREDICATION, INFORMATION, AND/OR OTHER SERVICE PROVIDED BY ANY ADVISOR IS PROVIDED FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. The advice or information provided by attorneys, doctors, and other Advisors in fields requiring licensure and/or certification is provided for informational purposes only and cannot be considered a substitute for an in-person meeting or a face-to-face physical examination. Guests should not rely on or make health, legal, financial, or other decisions based on advise provided by any Advisor. The guide strongly recommends that a Guest seeking medical or mental health advice see a qualified professional in person. IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT SUICIDE, IF YOU FEEL YOU MAY BE A DANGER TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS, OR IF YOU OTHERWISE HAVE ANY MEDICAL EMERGENCY, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY NOTIFY THE POLICE OR EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES IN YOUR AREA. IN JAPAN, PLEASE DIAL 119.


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  1. Best psychic in Japan
体験価格 10000 JPY/人