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Washi Papermaking(手漉き和紙)


You can experience making Washi(和紙)by yourself, and take it home as a souvenir.
It is really old-fashioned way to make paper, and not so many Japanese have ever experienced this work.
This is a good chance to enjoy one of exciting Japanese old culture.
Besides this experience, the staff is going to take us to their gallery which exhibits Shodo (Calligraphy),
paintings and paper art and explain them in easy English.

We will visit OZU WASHI(小津和紙), the shop of Japanese traditional Washi paper company.

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    6 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    Shin-Nihonbashi st.(JR Sobu line) or Mitsukoshimae st.(Ginza line or Hanzomon line) or Kotemmacho st.(Hibiya line)
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Description About the Price

including making Washi experience, tour guide in this company's gallery, and my guiding fee.

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  1. You can experience making Washi (和紙)by yourself, and take it home as a souvenir.
  2. It is really old-fashioned way to make paper.
  3. You can enjoy tour guide about this paper making company history and Japanese papaer culture.
  4. You can enjoy shopping paper arts and crafts in this shop.
  5. I will help you understand this paper culturte in this experience.
Price 3000 JPY/person
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