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Koyasan three-hour intensive walk


Shall we have a pleasure to enjoy eye-catching spots. In addition to Garan, monks training center , main spot,
let's go to some temples inside, Kongosanmai-in, supporting temple of the head temple and also Sainan-in temple.

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    7 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    in front of Kongobuji gate, head temple of Koyasan
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just for guide fee

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  1. Regarding Kongosanmai-in temple, you can see the ancient Shingon-sect Buddhist pagoda, national treasure and worshipping objects along mountain track of the precinct.
  2. Garan, you can see various types of temple hall, which has its own function for Buddhism
  3. Sainan-in temple, have a break and enjoy esoteric Buddhist type of landscape garden over drinks, 500yen
  4. along the long street, you can drop in at various shops for souvinir
  5. You can see the Buddhist gate, which was also used for monks in old days as official entrance gate.
Price 3000 JPY/person
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