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Enjoy your own luxury plan...♡


People might have experiences like
"I want to try Japanese fancy beauty salon,
but I am not sure how to make a reservation of it in Japanese...!!
And I also feel anxious about ordering what I want to do in Japanese in the salon"

In such situations,
I am going to make reservations of the places you would like to go, instead of you.
When you order your desire in the salon, free yourself from language barrier that bother you.

If you want, It's possible to make plan with you.
In this case, I may ask these things below.

・ What kind of places do you want to go?
 Ex.) Beauty salons, Hair salons, Nail salons, Fancy Restaurants

・ Please send me some images.
Ex.) Images that show the hair styles you want to have, the place you want to go, and so on.

・ The number of people


・Anything else??
Ex.) I want to go to a salon where I enjoy massage with organic aroma oil.
Is there any restaurant which serves vegan menu around 〇〇 station??

and so on.

  • Area 体験エリア
  • Time 所要時間
  • Capacity 定員
    4 人
  • Meeting 集合場所
  • List 持ち物


About fee : Ex.) If You want to make a reservation of restaurant for 2 people, the total amount of the fee is 3000yen×2 =6000yen.


Not included: transportation expenses, experience fee. Please apply for this plan at least for 2 people. During experiences, please look after your valuables by yourself. These images for illustration purposes only. Actual services vary.


Booking, Accompanying (Ordering in Japanese in the salon or restaurant)

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  1. I am going to pick you up at the nearest station from the salon or restaurant.
  2. Enjoy the experience!
  3. Please pay for it by yourself.
体験価格 3000 JPY/人