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Osaka museum of Housing and Living


The Osaka museum of Housing and Living (大阪くらしの今昔館)& Tenjinbashisuji shopping district(天神橋筋商店街)

In Tenjimbashisuji, you can experience Japanese culture in The Osaka Museum of Housing and Living! This museum is not too famous compared to other museums in the area, and this one is usually less busy while still being very cool! Inside are models of traditional Japanese sites, as well as a scale model of a medieval Japanese town! I have previously taken some of my English friends to this museum and they’ve all loved it! The entrance fee is ¥600 per person. You can refer to the official website if you would like to know more.(http://konjyakukan.com)

If you want to go to Tenjinbashisuji shopping street(天神橋筋商店街), I can take you there too! There you can experience the sights and sounds of an authentic Japanese shopping district as well as try some of the local food:) You can refer to the official website too! (https://www.tenjin123.com)

If you would rather spend more time at the museum, it's no problem too! Please feel free to ask me anything~!

Also, if you want to go somewhere in Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Kobe! Please tell me! I can make another plans just for you!

Languages available: English & Japanese

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    8 人
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    Tenjinbashisuji-rokuchome station(天神橋筋六丁目駅)
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  1. The Osaka museum of Housing and Living
  2. Tenjinbashisuji shopping district ( If you want)
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