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Try VR attraction and Reptile cafe.


There is an extremely odd cafe in Nipponbashi where is famous about extremely weird shops. There are various reptiles and you can eat odd ingredients like frog, scorpion and so on.

After enjoying Japanese “Extreme”, we’ll take subway and go to an arcade Game Center in a big mall in Tennoji. There are some VR horror attractions. On top of all, you can play gun shooting survival VR attraction in the store.

You must be satisfied with there “Extremely unique Japanese modern tour” within Osaka city!

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    8 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    In front of Namba Marui.
  • List Belongings



You must let me know how many members will participate in the VR attraction 3 days before. I might not be able to reserve the gum shooting attraction. Then I’ll inform of you about that.

Description About the Price

¥500 for 1 hour each. Just conduction fee.

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  1. Touch reptiles like chameleon, snake, tortoise and so on.(Entrance fee ¥1000)
  2. Try alligator dish.(Charged on each dish)
  3. Annihilate zombies inside VR modern ruins. (¥2000/20 minutes)
  4. Good old-fashioned Japanese fear.(¥500 each attractions)
  5. Shopping in Japanese super big mall after tour.(Up to you)
Price 2500 JPY/person
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