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Japanese traditional spot in OSAKA!


I’m Naomi.
I grew up in Osaka for 25 years and now I live in Hawaii in every half years.
I have a knowledge of the local place. Also I know good restaurants in Osaka.
So if you wanna try to go to local place, I can take you some good place and I can introduce in English.

My recommendation is go to Japanese traditional spot.
There is a lot of Japanese old cool houses from about 63 years ago.
You also will know about history and that’s really local and cool!
I think you will like it.

Let’s have a great time with me in Osaka!
If you have a any question or request, you can ask me whatever you want.
I’m so excited to see you guys!

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    12 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    Ryokichi Koen station (15min from Osaka statin by train)
  • List Belongings
    Sunglasses Sunscreen hat



Description About the Price

I’ll preparing your lunch

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  1. sightseeing
  2. Japanese traditional spot
  3. Japanese old houses
  4. Japanese traditional foods
  5. Shopping
Price 4500 JPY/person
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