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Japanese SAKE lesson & tasting


Do you like drinking? If you so, must try Japanese SAKE!
It’s become popular in Asia, US, and Europe nowadays.

However, SAKE has a lots of variety like wine or beer. In Japan, we have around 1,500 SAKE brewery
and It is said that the number of brands will be over 20,000 types.
If you’re not so familiar with SAKE, it will be difficult to find which one suits you.

I've been working for a food magazine long time, so I have much information about food and drink.
So I offer you a lesson and tasting Japanese SAKE. The venue is local Izakaya restaurant
known for tasty Yakitori (grilled chicken skewer), just 4 minutes walk from Shinjuku station.

You can learn about SAKE; how to make, how different types they have,
what is their own strong point each brand, etc.
After the lesson, it's time to tasting! At first, please try to taste 3 types of SAKE which I choice.
Then you’ll find your taste, so you can choice 2 more SAKE with yourself.

Tasty SAKE will makes you hungry, but no worries! This lesson include 3 appetizers for your SAKE.
Finally, you’ll find your own special combination.

Through the lesson, if you feel close to Japanese SAKE world, it’s my pleasure!

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    6 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    JR Shinjuku station
  • List Belongings
    Curiosity about Japanese SAKE!



*The venue allowed to smoking. *age under 20, prohibited to drink alcohol in Japan. *This tour is not suitable for teenager or small kids.

Description About the Price

Casual lesson about Japanese SAKE, 5 glass of Japanese SAKE, 3 appetizers, Japanese SAKE guide for your own

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  1. Casual lesson about Japanese SAKE (Nihon-shu)
  2. Offer you 3 glass of Japanese SAKE (first 2 glass are selected by tour guide, next 1 glass you can choice with yourself)
  3. Offer you 3 appetizers suits your SAKE (selected by tour guide)
  4. Offer you a SAKE guide for your own (Details of today's lesson, recommended SAKE list, tips, etc.)
  5. Enjoy the lesson at Izakaya pub with local vibrant atmosphere
Price 7000 JPY/person
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