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Abandoned Rail Walk Through Tunnels


Are you looking for a adventure which is mixed with nature and artefacts?
I invite you to a unique hiking tour on an abandoned railway of steam trains through tunnels!
The railway and the tunnels were built 120 years ago!

We meet up at JR Osaka station and move to the nearest station 30 minutes away.
And we walk to the entrance of the trail for 15 minutes.

We explore the 5 km (16,400 ft) railway for 2 hours.
At the start of the trail, you see a beautiful pristine river with many huge boulders which runs along the entire trail.

The best part of this hike are the 6 tunnels which were made of mostly bricks. The longest one is 400m (1,300ft).
We enter tunnels with flashlights, feel a different atmosphere and observe the insides. If you pay attention, you can discover several interesting features of the tunnels.

Additionally, we will see an iron bridge worth visiting! The architecture is truly amazing .

Afterwards, we will have wild game meat dishes (boar/deer) for lunch/dinner at a local restaurant. You pay for your own meal.

After that, we can stop by a free natural foot bath. Soaking your feet in hot water will relieve the weariness of the hiking!

Lastly, we return to JR Osaka station.

  • Area 体験エリア
  • Time 所要時間
  • Capacity 定員
    10 人
  • Meeting 集合場所
    Travel Service Center Osaka (Tourist Information OSAKA) *Nearby JR Osaka station
  • List 持ち物
    Comfortable hiking wear and shoes, An extra coat if you are sensitive to cold since it is cold a bit in tunnels, An umbrella or a rain coat when it is rainy, Cash ( 1000-1500 yen) for your meal at the restaurant


You can get more info and available dates in the following link. https://www.airbnb.jp/experiences/657071


If you fear darkness, please consider joining. I provide a flashlight, but it is very dark at some points in tunnels. Lunch/dinner is not covered. Please expect to spend about 1000 to 1500 yen per person.


Snack, Train fare, Flashlight, Towel

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  1. Refresh Yourself in Nature
  2. Look at Wildlife Like Birds, Bats and Fish etc.
  3. Walk Through 6 Tunnels
  4. Eat Traditional Wild Meat (Boar and Deer)
  5. Getting Rid of Fatigue of Your Feet in a Natural Foot Bath
体験価格 6000 JPY/人