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This is a free plan in Tokyo for 4 hours.

【Example No.1】
Kimono/Yukata experience. (45 mins)

Senso-ji(Kaminari-mon) cruise in Kimono/Yukata. (45 mins)

Japanese food for Lunch. (60 mins)

(Return the Kimono/Yukata. 30 mins)

Tokyo Sky Tree (60 mins)

【Example No.2】
Sushi lunch in Tsukiji fish market. (60 mins)

Shopping in Ginza. (90 mins)

Zojyo temple (30 mins)

Tokyo Tower (60 mins)

Robot restaurant,Burlesque,Harajuku,Onsen,beauty salons,instagenic cafes..
I'll be your guide,translater,and photographer!
During the plan,you can use free wifi.

★It's a free plan so you can make your own.
★Anything which will cost you during the plan(Foods,tickets,and so on)are not included in the price of the plan.
★I can pick you up at the hotel you're staying but travel time will be included in the 4 hours.
★We will use public transportation.(We can take a taxi when you'd like to.)
★I may not be able to come inside anywhere tickets are required.(I'll wait outside.)
★I may not be able to come inside of some specific places (like Michelin restaurants) with you.(I'll wait outside.)
★Feel free to ask me anything and make a perfect plan for you together!

  • Area Area
  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    8 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    Anywhere in Tokyo(23 districts).
  • List Belongings



Description About the Price

★10% discount for two persons. 20% discount for three persons. 30% discount for more than 4 persons.★Guide's transportation fees are included.

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  1. You can make your own plan.
  2. Free wifi.
Price 6000 JPY/person
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