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Seeking for an underrated band


In Japan, rock and other music played by bands are more underground, compared with US or UK. However, there are concerts of local bands almost every night somewhere in Tokyo. Which means, joining these events, you can experience the more deep side of Tokyo. Depending on your preference/interest of music, I take you to a musical events that you can enjoy and find a musician with potential of future success.

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It is possible to have same a kind of tour in Kyoto or Osaka, if schedule matches (my hometown is Osaka so)


Again, participation of a child may be inappropriate if an event is held at night . Please avoid wearing high heels

Description About the Price

A ticket for a concert (usually incl. 1 drink), Your and my Transportation Expenses, Translation (En⇔JP) if needed

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  1. You are able to : Feel the deep side of Tokyo
  2. Find your favorite local bands in Japan
Price 5000 JPY/person
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