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Mochi pounding


Mochi(rice cake) is now usually only made for special celebrations such as New Year, but it used to be eaten year-round. To make mochi, steam mochigome(short-grain japonica glutinous rice) and pound it while it's hot using a usu and a pestle or kine.

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    20 人
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    Togoshi-Koen station of Tokyu Ooimachi line
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Only 2nd of February

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Mochi pounding experience, mochi

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  1. Steam the sticky rice 45 to 60 minutes using a strong heat until it reaches the correct softness. Warm the usu and kine in hot water.Throw away the hot water when the rice is steamed and put the rice
  2. Hold the kine up to your waist and bring it down several times.While pounding the rice, have someone shift it around to ensure evenness.
  3. Put the mochi on a pad and tear it into bite-sized pieces. Dip the mochi into azuki sweet bean paste, kinako( sweet soy powder ),ground radish with soy sauce, etc
  4. enjoy eating Mochi with various taste!
Price 2000 JPY/person
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