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Learn Japan from Ancient toModern


Learn Japanese History behind Text Books and Look at Everything with Reasons why they look like those.
Not scratcthing the surface and try to realize the reality with historical stories! Quite exciting experience with asking as many questions as possible by yourself. Let me try to show the best solution using IT tols.
Walking around towns would be the best way to understand backgrounds of town.
Information request prior to guide tour will be available and preparations will be made per your request.
Please enjoy every moment in unknown and mysterious towns!!
: Tokyo/Kyoto/Yokohama/Nara , Cities, Temples/Shrines, Castles/Castle ruins in Tokyo/Yokohama

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Multi-Language Translater is available

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Guide & printed materials

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Guide for Japanese Deep History



  1. Histories of Famous Temples & Shrines in Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara
  2. Castle ruins walking with Warring State stories
  3. Shopps with old fashonned business & talks with shop owners
  4. Walking from 3500 years history along Tamagawa river
  5. National Museum tour in Tokyo/Kyoto/Nara
Price 3000 JPY/person
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