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Let me try to guide you!


I would like to visit some temples and some cultural places around Kyoto, or I can follow what you want to do. I'm pretty flexible, you can just use me, and tell me what you want to do there, and then I'll learn about that and will figure out the best way to reach your expectation. I also want to learn about Kyoto so I'm expecting to enjoy traveling together and learning together at the same time. So think of I'm a kind of your personal begginer translater or a cheap servant😅 I live in Osaka and my uni is in Kyoto, so I can guide you around Osaka as well if you want, I'm looking forward to your reply, thank you! Cheers!

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I'm not that good English speaker nor a travel expert, but I hope you guys would be kind to me.I just wanna work this job to enjoy talking with new people and improve my English, also realize new places and things!! I'll do my best!! Thank you!


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  1. Super Flexible, You can make the trip and I'll just come with you as a translator
  2. Visit Famous temples like Kiyomizu temple
  3. Hopefully make your trip more enjoyable and easier
Price 1000 JPY/person
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