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Harajuku Fashion Culture Tour


Since I work part-time at the apparel store in Harajuku, I'm quite familiar with Harajuku fashion culture especially street and Korean fashion. So I'm gonna take you to any stores you're interested in at Harajuku and I can also reccomend! You can ask me anthing related to clothing, trainers and cosmetics!
*Most of Harajuku area can move by walk, but if you want to move by train, you can but you have to pay the train fee including mine.

Harajuku/ Omotesando/ Catstreet...

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  • Time Duration
  • Capacity Number
    10 人
  • Meeting Meeting Place
    Harajuku Station
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Description About the Price

It's not included the train fee. If you wanna move by train, you have to pay the fee including mine.

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  1. You can go shopping with a knowlegeable guide
  2. You don't have to worry about language- cuz I'll help you!
  3. You can go any store located in Harajuku area
Price 2500 JPY/person
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