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Meiji-jingu Shrine Spring Festival


During the shrine's annual spring grand festival from April 27 through May 3, various traditional performances take place in their honor. You can watch Japan's most skilled artists perform traditional arts such as bugaku , noh and kyogen theater, sankyoku chamber music, hobu dance and more

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    10 人
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    Harajuku station of JR line
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The shrine's annual spring grand festival is only from April 27 through May 3

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  1. Bugaku is a dance performed with music, and there are various expressions such as those that express themselves with a single , and those that dance slowly and elegantly with four to six people.
  2. Noh actors wear masks during the play and stories tend to be tragedies.Many of the Kyogen stories are based on daily lives of average peopl and they tend to be comedy
  3. Yabusame is shooting arrows from a galloping horse. It is a shrine ritual all over Japan that believed the high pitched sound generated when the arrow flies has the effect of get rid of evil.
  4. Kobudo is a generic name which refers to the systematized Japanese traditional martial arts to fight without arms or with arms like dull weapons, cutting tools, firearms, and so on,
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